What Authors and Publishing Professionals Say About Jeanne Fredericks

“Jeanne Fredericks is a superb literary agent. Her knowledge of the publishing business, her editorial expertise, her thoughtful advice and her gracious persona will get you where you need to go. Through Jeanne’s masterful guidance, we were able to secure a contract that we never even dreamed possible. You could not be in better hands.”

Drs. Carrie and Alton Barron, authors of The Creativity Cure,www.carriebarronmd.com/book/the-creativity-cure/

“Jeanne Fredericks’ knowledge of the publishing world is invaluable. I’ve worked with her on my own books as well as others I’ve helped develop or co-write and in every instance she has not only improved the book itself but also the made the process enlightening and enjoyable. Thanks to her excellent relationships with editors and publishers, she is able find the right home for each book she represents—no small feat for a list of titles that span such diverse topics. Jeanne’s professionalism, editorial skill, and persistence are why I recommend her to other writers.”

Martha Murphy, author of The New England Catch and several others, www.marthawmurphy.com

“Jeanne Fredericks is everything I was hoping to find in a literary agent—plus so much more. She represented me in all facets of my book’s negotiations with the utmost professionalism, tact, diplomacy, and grace, which got me the plum book deal I was seeking. To be completely honest, her strengths are my weaknesses…so I marveled at the way she handled even the most delicate situations I sometimes found myself in. She always had my best interest at heart, and I tremendously benefited from her ability to so eloquently speak on my behalf. In large part, I owe my success to her.”

Maria Isabella, author of Chefs & Company, www.maria-isabella.com

“Jeanne Fredericks is diligent, loyal, tenacious and tactful. Every writer should be lucky enough to have an agent like her.”

Willie Drye, author of Storm of the Century and For Sale-American Paradise,
winner of a 2016 IPPY Award Silver Medal for Best Regional Nonfiction

“I have worked with the Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency for about twenty years, involving seven books. As I start my eighth book with this agency and look back over my long relationship with Jeanne, I am continually impressed with the effort she puts in, first to help assemble the best proposal, then to sell the book and negotiate the contract, and finally, to send timely reminders to keep me on track. I have enjoyed working with Jeanne and find that her advice is almost always spot on. Jeanne knows publishers, knows exactly how hard to press when negotiating a contract, and knows just how to push the right buttons to get the best deal for her writers. I, for one, have benefited greatly from her knowledge, skill, and effort.”

Roger Marshall, author of How to Build Your Own Tiny House and several others

“Jeanne Fredericks is one of my favorite literary agents to work with. Sure, Jeanne has gotten excellent 5- and 6-figure book deals with top publishers for my clients. Yet, as much as the “bottom line” I also value the passion she brings to the work. Jeanne always “adds value” in making a book and proposal as strong as it can be, is a tireless advocate for her authors and their books, and, in a world where many agents are too busy to respond to their authors in a timely way, Jeanne is clear and communicative. I have recommended Jeanne to my clients many times and they have been very happy working with her. I heartily recommend her.”

Lisa Tener, Book Development Coach, www.lisatenner.com

“Jeanne has been and continues to be a valued member of the faculty at the Harvard Medical School CME publishing course. She has had tremendous success with aspiring authors, and they are truly privileged to have her expert guidance.”

Julie K Silver, MD, Associate Professor Harvard Medical School Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Director of Harvard Medical School CME courses in writing

“Jeanne Fredericks cares deeply about being a literary agent and for her authors. She is smart, dependable, personable, and trustworthy. She understands and negotiates contracts thoroughly and tactfully. Jeanne responded thoughtfully and quickly each time I had a question throughout the entire process and beyond. Time and time again, she went to bat for me and got results. Her expert help and advice went beyond the call of duty. ”

Julie Lusk, author of Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief and Yoga Nidra Meditations, www.wholesomeresources.com

“I can’t possibly recommend Jeanne Fredericks highly enough. I count my lucky stars to have her as my agent. My experience with her has been wonderful. Her communication is incredible and her advice wise. She’s very experienced in the publishing world and completely trustworthy. For all future books I write, there’s no question that I want Jeanne to represent them. If she offers to represent your book–accept!”

Christine Horner, author of Waking the Warrior Goddess, www.drchristinehorner.com
Independent Publishers Award for Best Health/Nutrition/Medical Book of the Year

“Jeanne Fredericks has represented me for fifteen years, including eight books with major publishers and a national book tour during this time. The wide variety of books that Jeanne has placed range from Legal Street Smarts and The Office Romance to The Raging Sea, Treasure Ship, and Sentinel of the Seas. Her honesty, excellent industry reputation, knowledge, and selectivity stand out as the standard for literary agents. Jeanne has an incredible ability to work with the difficult situations that can arise naturally in our industry and bring about a smile on everyone’s faces. I consider myself lucky to have met Jeanne Fredericks years ago–as my first and only literary agent.”

Dennis Powers, www.dennispowersbooks.com

“I sincerely wish that every aspiring author could find an agent like Jeanne Fredericks. Her talent lies not just in her skills as an agent, but in her ability to project calm and reassurance in the competitive and ever-changing world of publishing that can be highly intimidating for writers. Jeanne’s steady guidance and consistently wise counsel have made it so much easier for me concentrate on writing. Even more remarkable is her dedicated involvement and enthusiasm for making each project as good as it can be. If not for her efforts, my proposals – and the books that follow – would have been significantly lesser works. Thank you, Jeanne!”

Stephen Snyder, author of A Place in the Sun, New Green Home Solutions, Beautiful Solar Homes, and Brewmaster’s Bible

“Jeanne Fredericks opened doors for my work that would have taken me years to even knock on by myself, and her deep knowledge of the publishing industry has protected my interests throughout a number of complex negotiations. She saved me an immense amount of time, frustration, and worry that allowed me to concentrate on my work, and she has been right there whenever I needed her counsel and support. Any author looking for a smart, skillful, and discerning advocate would be well served to talk to Jeanne.”

Robert Shaw, author of American Quilts, Duck Decoys of North America, and Electrified, www.robertshaw.com

“In 1980, Jeanne Fredericks began guiding me, an inexperienced author, through the complicated labyrinth of book publishing. Over the years, her calm manner, wise advice, positive encouragement, and enthusiasm have been invaluable to me. Always patient, and focused on getting the job done. Today, Jeanne is my mentor, and friend! I have been blessed to have her as a part of my team.”

Lilias Folan, author of Lilias, Yoga: Your Guide to Enhancing Body, Mind, and Spirit in Midlife and Beyond, www.liliasyoga.com

“When we first wrote Teenage as a Second Language: A Parents Guide to Becoming Bilingual we knew we were on to something. We also realized that the hard work was in some ways just beginning. We had to find an agent, who not only believed in our book but shared our vision of success, enter Jeanne Fredericks. As new authors, we had the good fortune of having Jeanne Fredericks to guide us through the sometimes rough and unpredictable waters of the publishing world. Her guidance and wisdom were invaluable. We are pleased to say that she was always right there for us with her literary compass. Without her, we would have been literally lost (or at least adrift) at sea. Our book has been quite successful thanks to the support of our agent-Jeanne!”

Barbara Greenberg, PhD and Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD, authors of Teenage as a Second Language, www.drbarbaragreenberg.com/literature/

“Jeanne Fredericks is a pleasure to work with. She offered helpful advice with a friendly and professional demeanor and worked diligently to bring a deal to the table. I especially appreciated that she demonstrated faith in our vision and stood by our side when the inevitable complications arose.”

Ellen Firsching Brown, www.ellenfbrown.com

“I have worked with Jeanne Fredericks for over a decade and have always been very pleased with her efforts and successes as an agent. Jeanne has been untiring – but realistic – about placing my books. She is informed and savvy about the publishing industry and has been innovative and creative in keeping up to date with the ever evolving world of publishing. She is a great matchmaker, having a good sense of which books to place with what publishers. She has always been prompt in returning my calls and patient with my many questions. She is an agent with enthusiasm, knowledge, talent and integrity.”

Laura Martin, author of Tea: The Drink That Changed the World

“Let me be clear. I’m a fan of Jeanne’s and this is a totally biased recommendation. It’s simple really, she made me a ton of money. Not only did she find me more books that I was looking for, she got me more money than I was getting previously for each project.

Now, I could write about how smart she is, how great she is to work for (and how she rejects your dumb ideas really, really nicely even if you’re an award winning author), how good she is at answering the phone or getting back to you once you’ve agreed to work together and how valuable her own editorial experience is in sharpening your thinking. I could do all that but you either believe me by now or you don’t.”

Doug Green, author of Garden Wisdom, www.douggreensgarden.com
Garden Writers of America’s award for best written book, and others

“It’s been 20 years since Jeanne Fredericks became my agent in 1997 and together we have sold many gardening books, which is no small task in the current market. She is my friend, mentor and accomplished agent/partner who is always there for me no matter what. I don’t have to worry about the dicey business of modern publishing because I know she has change well in hand. That leaves more conjuring time to me for creation of new ideas and develop them into a useful and inspiring new book. And after those books are published, she is the perpetual watch dog who makes sure everyone tows the mark in terms of royalties, rights and reprints. From my first pitch to my oldest titles, Jeanne is the center of it all. Managing so many titles behind me would be impossible without her.”

Maureen Gilmer, author of Growing Vegetables in Drought, Desert and Dry Times and The Colorful Dry Garden and other books on gardening and the environment , www.moplants.com

“Since day one, Jeanne has been more than an agent — she’s been a trusted colleague and friend, giving us sage counsel, going to bat for us, and always encouraging our efforts.”

Sally & Andy Wasowski authors of 8 gardening books,
American Horticultural Society Award – One of the 75 best gardening books of the last 75 years

“Jeanne Fredericks is wonderful to work with. Unflagging advocate for clients’ manuscripts. Several of our books have straddled the borders of genres, and she has been effective in persuading editors of their potential. Excellent attention to details, especially vis-à-vis contract negotiations. Frank appraisals of publishing possibilities.”

Linda Davidson and David Gitlitz, authors of Drizzle of Honey and The Road to Santiago,

Jewish National Book Award for Ashkenazi and Sephardic Studies
The International Association of Culinary Professionals’
Jane Grigson Award for Distinguished Scholarship

“Any author whose work is represented by Jeanne Fredericks is in very special hands. Jeanne is discerning, highly competent and steadfast and her manner is laced with calm, kindness and honesty. If Jeanne decides to represent your work, she has formed the belief that it deserves to be published and that her job isn’t finished until it becomes so. This kind of dedication goes way beyond the norm yet it is only one example of how special it is to work with this wonderful person.”

Patty Howell & Ralph Jones, authors of World Class Marriage

“In The Art of Authorship, Mark Twain said: ‘The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.’

Those words might well sit above Jeanne Fredericks’ desk. I have never worked with anyone else who is as attentive to the meaning and power of words, no matter whether those words are in a proposal put forth by an anxious author or in a contract offered by an enthusiastic publisher. Jeanne’s attention to detail, loyalty, and perseverance also contribute to her well-earned position among the best of American literary agents.”

Carolyn Janik, author of Making Money in Real Estate and 14 others

“Jeanne is the best agent I can imagine having. She went through every part of the process of finding a publisher for my book with me, and persevered until we found the right ‘home’ for the book. She seamlessly negotiated with the publisher for me. Then she went above and beyond, giving me suggestions and assistance with publicity and staying in touch after publication. Every step of the way she has been professional, warm and reassuring.”

Rosalind Kaplan, MD, www.drrozkaplan.wordpress.com

“I am extremely well pleased with the literary service of Jeanne Fredericks. She has successfully placed three books for me, all with major publishers. The most recent of these, issued by McGraw-Hill in 2006, carried this note of thanks: To Jeanne Fredericks, literary agent, always effective, always affirmative, with whom it has been my privilege to work for more than a dozen years.”

Dr. Leonard Woodson Mann