Submission Guidelines

Existing clients are invited to submit your nonfiction book idea to the Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency if:

  • your proposed book offers fresh, authoritative information or advice needed by a sizable population
  • you are an established expert in one of the subjects listed below, and
  • you have at least some media experience or a significant following in social media

Book subjects represented by the Agency:

Health/medicine/integrative health/science
Business/real estate
Popular reference/careers
Home/decorative arts/antiques
Fine arts/crafts

The Agency does not represent fiction, true crime, juvenile, textbooks, poetry, essays, screenplays, short stories, science fiction, pop culture, guides to computers and software, politics, horror, pornography, books on overly depressing or violent topics, romance, teacher’s manuals, or memoirs.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting or responding to queries or proposals from new clients. We wish you success with other agents.

How to Submit

Step One: Query Letter
Submit a query letter (without attachments) by email to jeanne.fredericks at or send a query with a self-addressed stamped envelope for reply to:

Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency, Inc.
221 Benedict Hill Rd.
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Please do not require a signature for delivery.
  • Do not call or fax your query.
  • If you are submitting from outside the United States, please include an email address and/or an international response coupon for a reply.

A query letter is about a page long and makes a case for why the subject of your book is of interest to a specific large audience, what your book will cover, how your book will be different and better than the competition, and why you are qualified as the author.

Step Two: The Proposal
If we like what you propose in your query letter, we will email or call you to ask for a full proposal and sample chapter or two. Please send these materials by email with “Requested” in the subject line.

If you are not sure how to write a book proposal, refer to our Nonfiction Book Proposal Guidelines before submitting your proposal. There are some excellent books on the subject as well by Michael Larsen and Jeff Herman that you may want to consult.


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"In The Art of Authorship, Mark Twain said: 'The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter - 'tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning."

Those words might well sit above Jeanne Fredericks' desk. I have never worked with anyone else who is as attentive to the meaning and power of words, no matter whether those words are in a proposal put forth by an anxious author or in a contract offered by an enthusiastic publisher. Jeanne's attention to detail, loyalty, and perseverance also contribute to her well-earned position among the best of American literary agents.

Carolyn Janik, author of Making Money in Real Estate and 14 others