Books and Authors: Gardening

 Native Texas Gardens
Gaining Ground
Canadian Vegetable Garden
Palm Springs Gardening
Native Landscaping from El Paso to L.A.
Classic Garden Structures
Gardening Wisdom: Time Proven Solutions for Today's Gardening Challenges
  • Gertley, Michael and Jan:
    • Classic Garden Structures (Taunton)
    • The Art of the Kitchen Garden (Taunton)
    • Dried Flowers for All Seasons (Taunton)
  • Gilmer, Maureen:
    • Palm Springs-Style Gardening (Cool Springs)
    • God in the Garden (Loyola)
    • The Small Budget Gardener (Cool Springs)
    • Gaining Ground (Contemporary/McGraw-Hill)
    • The Gardener’s Way (Contemporary/McGraw-Hill)
    • Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Beautiful Lawn (Macmillan)
    • Makeovers for the Budget Gardener (Viking Penguin)
    • The Complete Guide to Northern California Gardening (Taylor)
    • The Complete Guide to Southern California Gardening (Taylor)
    • The Wildfire Survival Guide (Taylor)
    • Living on Flood Plains and Wetlands (Taylor)
    • California Wildfire Landscaping (Taylor)
    • Rooted in the Spirit (Taylor)
    • Redwoods and Roses: The Gardening Heritage of California (Taylor)
    • Easy Lawn & Garden Care (Consumer Reports Books)
  • Gilmer, Maureen and Glassman, Michael:
    • Water Works: Creating a Splash in the Garden (Contemporary/McGraw-Hill)
  • Green, Doug:
    • Canadian Vegetable Gardening (Cool Springs) reached #1 in gardening books on and #2 in vegetable gardening on
    • Perennials All Season (Contemporary/McGraw-Hill)
    • Garden Wisdom (Contemporary/McGraw-Hill) – Best Written Book, Garden Writers Association, 2001, and Canada Council Grant, 2001
    • Burpee Guide to Bulbs (Wiley)
    • Complete Idiot’s Guide to Lawns (Macmillan)
  • Halpin, Anne:
    • Homescaping (Rodale)
  • Jenkins, Emyl:
    • Pleasures of the Garden (Crown)
  • Marshall, Roger:
    • Greenhouse Gardening Manual (Timber Press)
  • Wasowski, Andy and Sally:
    - Award from Canadian Wildflower Society for their body of work

    • Building Within Nature (Oxford Univ. Press then Univ. of Minnesota Press)
    • Requiem for a Lawnmower (Taylor then Univ. of MN Press)
    • Gardening with Prairie Plants (Univ. of MN Press)
    • Landscaping Revolution (Contemporary/McGraw-Hill)
    • Native Landscaping El Paso to L.A. (Clarkson Potter then Contemporary/McGraw-Hill) – Earlier edition named by American Horticultural Society as one of the 75 best gardening books of the last 75 years
    • Native Texas Gardens (Taylor/Rowman & Littlefield)
    • Native Texas Plants (Taylor/Rowman & Littlefield)